Right Where You AreRight Where You Are

 John 1:14: The Word Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Men!

We understand that Jesus became flesh and lives with men, But the responsibility to be living out our faith incarnated or IN FLESH is still the responsibility of the believer. The more we represent for The Lord on the earth, the more lives will be transformed by the power of the Gospel. A great Theologian once said, preach the gospel always and if necessary use words. This missional endeavor is geared to inspire believers to be living epistles being read by men, and ignite the God given passion in the world, to know that the God that created them, loves and cares for them, RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE!

Family Counseling

Rebuilding the families through traditional and non-traditional forms of counseling  i.e. Parent-child activities, Husband-Wife activities, family therapy sessions

Individual Development/Personal Growth

Helping people reach their full potential through educational opportunities, job training, spiritual development, etc.

Community Outreach

Organizing programs that unite the community and bring awareness to certain issues that affect local residents

Early Childhood Development

Providing resources  i.e. day camps, etc. to assist families in proper development of children

Mobile Meals

Drop off groceries/dinners to unassisted elderly members of the community or those who are extremely ill.

The Closet

A clothing pantry where people can pick up clothing for job interviews/important occasions donated by community members

Barber/Beauty Shop Partnerships

Leave a box for prayer requests at Barber/Beauty Shops where patrons can submit

Relief Efforts

Providing gift baskets of necessities for local residents suffering from property damage due to fires, flooding, storms, etc.