The Lord has called us to grow in our understanding, and to mature in our faith. The church is a vital component of that growth and discipleship. At DelVal gather weekly to worship and to be enriched with the unadulterated Word of God.

However, In addition to our weekly gathering is is the vision of our pastor that we are able to add to our faith knowledge through systematic and didactic teaching of biblical truth in a way that meets people, right where they are! That is the goal and vision of the DelVal Bible Institute.

In the past We have offered in partnership with the Manna Bible Institute, biblical foundational classes which have enriched our community greatly. However, we now, have been approved and certified as an Evangelical Training Association ( Member site. We are able to now offer a wide array of biblical foundational through advanced continuing educational courses right here on our campus. Courses are offered twice a year. (Jan – April) and (Sept – Dec) and they just wont be the same without you!


Spring 2020

You and Your Bible ETA-212-01
1/28/2020 – 5/12/2020 | Tuesdays 7:00PM – 7:55PM

Class Code: abxntmc

Course Description 

​Believers should be informed about the Word God.  This course presents the inspiration and authorship of the Bible, how it was preserved, why we believe it, how we deal with problems and critics, the role of archeology, and ways to study the Bible more effectively.

After completing this course, students will have a foundational knowledge of the following theological topics:

1.Authorship of the Bible

2.Preservation of the Bible

3.Why we believe the Bible

4.Dealing with Problems and Critics of the Bible

5.Role of archeology

6.Ways to study the Bible more effectively


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