More Fast Day 2 Devotional

January 16, 2024 

A Connection is Required 

Rev. Pierre Parks 

Isaiah 40:29 [NKJV] He gives power to the weak,And to those who have no might He increases strength. 

Isaiah was a prophet and poet. The book of Isaiah is a message of both judgement and hope. God’s message to His covenant people through Isaiah is that: sin must be judged, but there is healing yet to come. The ultimate message of God to humanity is that while sin was judged, God took that judgement upon himself in the suffering servant. Here in the text Isaiah declares God’s comfort. 

Have you ever felt powerless in a situation? I don’t remember feeling as powerless when I was younger. These days I feel powerless often in situations. I believe I feel this way because I am more aware of my limitations. When I reflect on my younger days, the ignorance seemed blissful. As a younger man, I felt more in control mainly because I thought that I was in control of so much. I was making things happen under my own power. Oh, the arrogance of youth. Now I know better, I am not in control of anything. I was never in control. 

The blissfulness of youth coupled with ignorance of not knowing God made it seem that  way, but God was protecting me even then. So, in spite of how powerless I feel in situations now, I am comforted by the fact that God is with me at all times. Even when I can’t feel His presence. 

Even when I feel like He is not listening or doesn’t care about my situation. Philippians 4:6-7 tells us: not to worry about anything but pray and ask God for help in everything. Always give thanks for what you have, and God’s peace will guide your thoughts and feelings in Christ Jesus. To do this we must maintain our connection or get connected with God through routine prayer and studying His Word. 

Our text, Isaiah 40:20, reminds us that even though we are not in control, we have a God who loves us and cares about our well-being – 1 Peter 5:7. He is always with us, whether we choose to accept that or not, know it or not, He is always there. He helps the weak. When we are at our end, He gives strength and power that enables us to keep going. 

When we acknowledge our weakness, God strengthens us. When we are weak in ourselves, then we are strong in the Lord. I believe and know this because when I am at the end of myself, I am more open to listening, accepting, and following counsel. This is where we are made strong in the Lord. We follow instead of trying to lead and this strengthens us, revives us and gives us new life. 

My encouragement is this, regardless of how your situation looks, don’t lose your connection with God. Humble yourself and allow God to guide you in all your situations. God does help the willing and those who humble themselves before Him. Those who help themselves and those who do their best.

Now, having been made aware of this, what changes are you willing to make to give God more control in your life? Remember, a connection is required